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Personal Photos to Video

Just about every business could make use of a video. Think of how you like to browse the internet, and ask yourself if you would stop and read your own website. A video on the front page of your website is like a beacon. KM3 Media can service just about any video need you may have, from converting your pictures to video, to creating a commercial for use on the big screen.


Our memorial videos aim to capture the entirety of the life of a lost loved one. With images and video provided by surviving family and friends, celebrate the memory of their life in a timeless slideshow of unforgettable moments. A solemn and yet comforting DVD can be used to allow family and friends to reflect on shared time and rejoice in the celebration of life. Specified music, text, and other special requests are available to depict the uniqueness of your loved one.


You’ve watched your baby grow up from Kindergarten graduation caps to a high school or college diploma in their hand. A Graduation slideshow of images and video from childhood to today will celebrate the milestones in their life that led to crossing this threshold into adult life. Surprise and cherish these moments that will be a happy memory to recall for a lifetime with your graduate!

Photo to video slideshows are a great way to recall wonderful moments of your life. Whether it be a Wedding, Retirement, Anniversary, Reunion or any other special life events we can deliver an outstanding photo-montage for you, your family, and friends to enjoy!

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